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"Your training content, style, delivery and ability to relate to your audience was/is excellent!  This world I now live in is reasonably new ( 6 years) and my background is really a corporate environment in senior management roles in the tourism and airline business for 30 years.   Over that time I have had a great deal of exposure to training, development, process mapping, planning and implementation etc. and can honestly say you are one of the best I have come across.”

N. Jackson
TireCraft, Ontario, Canada

"Great course with a great coach. My team went to the last one and came back with a wealth of new ideas!" Corey Doell Norlang Automotive

"Since joining Murray's group 5 years ago and experiencing his coaching,  and the support of 9 other shop owners we have paid off all of our personal debt and company debt. My stress level is next to nothing, and we took a two week vacation last year, the team took care of everything while we were away."  Jerry and Janice Z.