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Service Advisor Course Versus 3 Day SMART Course

Murray Voth

There are two ways to fly an airplane from one city to another. Anyone can be taught the series of hundreds of steps to accomplish this. Press this button, turn this knob, point the airplane this way, climb to this elevation. Or they can be taught actual aerodynamics, airmanship, navigation, and how to make judgement calls when things are out of the ordinary. Which pilot would you like to be a passenger with?

 At RPM Training I keep getting asked if I will create a service advisor course. One that will help advisors sell, ask the right questions, identify needs, make proper recommendations, overcome objections, deal with conflict resolution, help them realize they are salespeople.

 These are all great skills, but there is a lot more knowledge required as a foundation to these skills. Our 3 Day SMART Course teaches all of these skills, but it also teaches so much more. We teach advisors that they do not sell, but that they inform and educate. Sales implies making someone buy something they might not want. Informing and educating means that you are helping a customer make an informed purchasing decision. One they are confident in. We not only teach the right questions to ask, we also teach why customers ask many of the questions they do. We teach that service advisors deal with the needs of the customer when it comes to scheduling, alternative transportation, or anything related to the customer experience. When it comes to the needs of the vehicle and recommendations related to maintenance and repairs, we teach that only the technicians make the recommendations. These are then presented to the customer by the service advisor.

 Most customer objections come from poor communication, poorly handled expectations, and poor presentation skills. We train service advisors on how to set the stage so that objections rarely come up and there is rarely any conflict to resolve. The most important role of a service advisor is to build relationships. Customer buy from people they know and trust. We spend a lot of time in the course on those topics.

 So why is it then that the 3 Day SMART course is not called a 3 Day Service Advisor course? For one reason and one reason only. Shop owners do not bother attending and just send their service advisors. The service advisors get all trained up and excited to make changes back at the shop. But because the owner did not take the course, they do not know where the service advisors are coming from and don’t allow the changes. The service advisors get frustrated and give up and, in some cases, quit.

 It is important that shop owners have taken this course or the equivalent of it with other training companies before they send their advisors. I have many testimonials that attest to this.





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